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“You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions"

Joseph Pilates


Find Your Strength

join us today in our Pilates studio

in the heart of Terre Sainte in Commugny

What Clients Say

Moving to Geneva I hoped to find a Pilates class as great as the one I was leaving behind in London.

I tried a few that didn’t work, the classes didn’t feel like they were doing anything, the classes were too infrequent, there was no range of classes, timings weren’t right, etc.

Then I found Be.Pilates and found everything I had looked for - a range of classes, a range of times, a beautiful new studio and machines - I love the reformer classes - and most importantly an experienced and knowledgeable instructor. You know the good instructors, where one tiny correction to your technique (she’s always watching…) and suddenly your muscles are working. The group classes are small enough to allow such corrections, large enough to feel social and helpfully taught in both English and French.

The hour flies by and I feel both strengthened and stretched afterwards, despite the hard work I never want it to end! It’s the most centering and physically rewarding hour (or more) of my week. I even brought my two sporty, tight-muscled daughters along in the summer holidays for a private class together, and they’re begging to return.

Next up to try … Barre Pilates!
Laura R.
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