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“You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions"

Joseph Pilates

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The idea of Pilates has always been daunting to me as I always seemed to engage the wrong muscles or use my flexibility to get through exercises and therefore not reap the benefits of this well designed method.

I decided to give Pilates another go at the end of the summer and to my delight I came across Marianne at my local studio who, with her energy and her big smile, made me believe that I could improve my posture and my core strength with a little perseverance.

On the back of this class, I decided to take a handful of one on one sessions with her and I have truly surprised myself with the headway I have made in so little time.

Marianne’s classes are dynamic, varied (use of different props each time) and she is very professional as she came prepared with a plan of what she wanted me to achieve at every session.

Most importantly, Marianne is there every minute of the hour checking on your posture and every move you make to correct you when needed.

You simply cannot go wrong. Progress is the only outcome!


Alison H.

I absolutely love Marianne's Pilates classes. She perfectly explains the different exercises and provides personalised recommendations and adjustments to make sure you get the most out of the class. I really like that she takes the time to explain the anatomy of the postures so I also learn at the same time how I am working different parts of the body. I use Pilates to complement my other training (running, crossfit, yoga, swimming, cycling etc) and her classes are exactly what I need. Highly recommended!

Kim H.

Marianne has a real passion for teaching; she approaches her courses with calm and confidence and is very good at explaining each step of the exercises. The varied workouts are great and you can definitely ‘feel the burn’. I have discovered a real love for Pilates thanks to Marianne

Joanna C.

I love my Pilates classes with Marianne. There is no hiding from her expert eye. Both in a studio and online class, she's able to make exactly the corrections I need and her technical knowledge is impressive - I trust her completely. Although I find the classes challenging at times, I walk away feeling fabulous - like a slightly taller and stronger version of myself!

I did regular class with Marianne after the birth of my second child and felt my real core strength returning for the first time in years, which also really supported my running and cycling.

Diana R.

I have done in person private and group Pilates classes with Marianne on the reformer and the mat. I have also done online group and prenatal classes during the pandemic. 

Marianne is a brilliant teacher. She is upbeat, knowledgeable and a truly generous person whose encouragements allow me to get through any series of exercises. 

I truly look forward to my classes with her and know that I am in good hands with an instructor who is deeply passionate about Pilates and knows how to take care of her clients’ individual needs. 

Alexandra R.