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What is it?

A 6 weeks plan to help you (Re)Connect to your core and learn to strengthen your body from the inside out!

This program is suitable for postnatal women* and any women wanting to (re)build core strength.

How it works?

After signing up you will receive two 20 minutes workouts every week for 6 weeks. You can do these workouts as many time as you need or wish whenever it suits you and your schedule each week.

Any questions? throughout your program you will be able to reach out with any questions you may have. You will also receive a 20 minutes online One on One after week 3.

Starting from the fundamental's, breathing and deep core activation each week we will add extra challenges to rebuild your core, flatten your tummy and strengthen your pelvic floor.

Throughout the program we will work on your abdominals, your posture by working on strengthening your back and your gluts, your pelvic floor and your breathing all key to building a stronger core. 

Week 1 - Breathing, deep abdominals activation, pelvic floor / posture shoulder awareness

Week 2 - let's start to challenge your stability / let's top it up with a gluts burner

Week 3 - Let's add some extra challenges / building up to the roll up

Week 4 - Let's add the overball for an extra stability challenge / building back to a strong plank 

Week 5 - Flexion and extension / let's fire those obliques

Week 6 - Grand final


With this plan you will experience stronger connection in your entire body and be better supported in daily movement and sport activities.

Price: CHF 180.00

* Ensure you had the sign off from your Doctor to return to exercise. This program doesn't replace the work you may do with a Pelvic floor therapist.

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